Gerard's Bistro - The Heart of Hospitality

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A warm and generous snapshot of hospitality with heart from Brisbane's laneway legends.

Hospitality. Considering the number of people who work in it, it’s surprising how few get what that word really means. Thankfully, that’s not the case for Johnny Moubarak and the team at Gerard’s Bistro, a stalwart of the Brisbane scene where they know how to give their all, turn the dining dial up to 11 and leave you stepping out into the cool night air after a killer feed with ALL the fuzzy restaurant feels. Tucked off the James Street strip in Fortitude Valley, the food here – from the first breaking of their homemade bread through to their modern menu with Middle Eastern and North African-inspired accents – is as warm, welcoming and, well, downright delicious as it gets. It’s also a place where sharing is caring, with chef Adam Wolfers working his own particular line in culinary alchemy to spin the bits that most would leave behind into plates of such intense flavour, colour and texture that they simply demand to be passed around the table. Spanning the range of a dinner at this legendary restaurant, this little book offers up a masterclass in how to turn a meal into an occasion with heart. It’s a lesson we all could do with learning.

96 Page paperback - 178mmx108mm