La Petite Mort Chardonnay 2017

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Gorgeous spicy, cedary French oak blends seamlessly with pithy, pink grapefruit and ripe tangelo notes in this bold, yet balanced, expression of new school Australian Chardonnay. As it starts to mellow in its old age, the creamy Malo-lactic characters are really starting to shine through with a distinctly buttery element underlying the fruit weight. 

An experiment in barrel format - size really does matter! Although we fermented and aged this wine in a brand new, premium, French barrel for 13 months the oak influence is lessened because it was a great big puncheon (~500L) as opposed to the standard barrique (~250L). If you remember any of your high school geometry, you'll recall that as the diameter of a circle increases, the ratio of its perimeter decreases relative to the area - this means less oak per litre, in other words!